Scope for Pound-to-Euro to push higher next week now EUR/USD has topped out, Catalan election result is weighing and Sterling is supported by data.

The Pound had crept a fraction higher against the Euro and US Dollar by the London close Friday, following the release of several key

economic reports from the UK, the latest developments in Catalonia’s independence push and the signing by President Trump of the much vaunted and now-panned tax-reform bill.

Britain’s current account deficit narrowed to -£22.8 billion during the three months to the end of September, according to the Office for National Statistics, which is down from -£23.2 billion previously. Economists had hoped for a slightly larger fall to -£21.5 billion.

Separately, economic growth was confirmed at 0.4%, which is up from the 0.3% seen in the first two quarters but still below that achieved in prior years.

Business investment grew faster than was previously thought during the quarter, rising by 0.5% as opposed to the 0.2% growth revealed by the earlier figures released in November.